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Guide to Shortwave Radio

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Shortwave Radio Listening

BBC World Service
ADDX Kurier frequency list/alternate
ADDX Kurier DX and Other Interesting Programs Guide
BCL News--Italy
John Figliozzi's WWW Shortwave Listening Guide
Fineware English Language Schedules
List of English Language Transmissions
MARE's Shortwave Frequency Schedule Database
NASWA Shortwave Loggings
Prime Time Shortwave

DX Sites 

AC6V's Shortwave, Longwave, DC to Daylight

Alfa Lima International
Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
Association for International Broadcasting
Dan Atkinson's World Media
AUM~Sparky's Shortwave, Old-Time Radio & World TV Webcasts
Broadcasting Board of Governors
The Broadcasting Link
Fred Cantu's Mexico Radio and TV Lists
Chuck's Shortwave Links
Citizen Elliott (VOA's Kim Andrew Elliott)
Clandestine Radio Watch
Bob Colyard's DX News, Tips and Info
Arnie Coro's DXers Unlimited
Ariel Crocco's Home Page
Current Awareness Resources
Daryl's Shortwave Connection
Dave's Radio Receiver Page
Dr. Kubi's World Radio Page
DX Dharma
DXers Calling
DXing from Vermont
DX Signal
DX QSL Net Propagation
DX Zone
Earl's World--Radio Stuff
Earthview / Earth and Moon Viewer
Eldorado for LA DXers
Electronic DX Press--Australia
European Broadcasting Union
Federal Communications Commission/HF stations
Phil Finkle's Home Page
Free Translation
G4LOE's Satellite and Radio Page--UK
Ham Radio Online
Happy Surfer's Shortwave Radio Page
Glenn Hauser's World of Radio/alternate
Harry Helms Shortwave Radio
Jim Hawkins' Radio and Broadcast Technology (links)/propagation forecasts
High Frequency Coordination Committee
The Houston Berean Page
IBB Monitoring
ILG Radio
International Broadcasters on Short-wave Radio
International Radio Report (CKUT web page)
Interval Signal Library
Interval Signals Collection
Inwit Shortwave Radio Listening Resources
IPS Propagation Services
Irkutsk DX Circle
George Jacobs and Associates, Inc.
Java Radio (web-controlled receivers)
Jonathan's QSL Card Page
KA3NRX Shortwave Links
Kathi's Shortwave Page
Dave Kirby's ANARC SWL Net (with CyberShortwave links)
Marie Lamb's Cumbre DX (the radio program's web site)
Bill McFadden's Home Page
Media Network Weblog 
Mike's Radio World (links)
N2JEU's Web-Controlled Shortwave Receivers
National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters
National Telecommunications and Information Administration/frequency chart
North American Broadcasters Association
NTIA Office of Spectrum Management
NW7US Optimal Working Frequencies
Official U. S. Time
Offshore Radio Guide--Germany
Online DX Logbook--UK
On the Shortwaves
Post Info
Public Radio Fan
QIP--Broadcast band
QSL Collection--Austria groups
Radio 510 International
Radio Amateurs of Canada
Radio Enthusiast
Radio Netherlands Real Radio
Radio Sweden's MediaScan/Sweden Calling DXers
Radio, the Way It Used to Be
RCI Action Committee
Save the BBC World Service
Save VOA (unofficial employee page)
Martin Schoch Shortwave Page
Shortwave DXing--India
Shortwave DXing Radio --New Zealand
Shortwave Espionage
Shortwave History on the Net
ShortWaveListener Now (Sweden)
Shortwave Listening--Argentina
A Shortwave Radio Listeners Guide
Shortwave Planet
Shortwave Programs mailing list on Topica (e-mail forum)
Shortwave Radio Information (news via shortwave)
Shortwave Report
Shortwave Shack
Sirius Satellite Radio 
Software for Shortwave Listeners
South American Shortwave Association
SPEEDX--Bob's SWL/DX page (links)
Sunclock (greylines map from World Time Zone)
SWL QSL Card Museum
Tom Sundstrom/TRS Consultants
SWL QSL Card Museum
21 MHz
Time Zones of the World (clock faces)
Tom and Darryl
(the radio program's web site)
Topica lists
TV and Radio World
U. S. Naval Observatory
VE3SRE Amateur and Shortwave Home Page
Mark Velduis
Virtual QSL Collection--Finland
Yahoo! shortwave radio groups
Worldwide DX Club Weekly Top News--Germany
WWV/WWVH (NIST web page)
XM Satellite Radio

Shortwave Clubs & Publications

Association of North American Radio Clubs
Australian Radio DX Club
Benelux DX Club
British DX Club
Canadian International DX Club
Chicago Area DX Club
DXtreme Software on the Web
European DX Council/country list
GADM's DX Fanzine/alternate--Italy
Globe Radio DX Club
Hallicrafters Collectors Association
International Short Wave League--UK
Introduction to Shortwave Newsletter
Longwave Club of America
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts
Mohawk Valley Shortwave Listeners Club
Monitoring Times
NASWA Weblog
National Radio Club
New Zealand Radio DX League
North American Shortwave Association/country list
Ontario DX Association
Orchid City Software
Passport to World Band Radio
Popular Communications
Radio H. F. Internet Newsletter
The Radio Magazine
--UK (industry news)
Radio Times
Radio World
short wave magazine
Software for Shortwave Listeners
Southern California Area DXers
A. G. Tannenbaum's (manuals)
Tiare Publications
Universal DX League--India
--UK (industry news)
World DX Club--UK
Worldwide DX Club/Top News--Germany
World Radio TV Handbook
Shortwave Radio Vendors & Distributors  
C. Crane
R. L. Drake
Grove Enterprises
ILG Radio
Jackys (UAE)
Lentini Communications
My Vintage Radios
Neon Radio
Radio Detective
Radios 4 You
Radio HF
Radio Shack
Radio World
The Shortwave Store
Universal Radio, Inc.

Antique and Old-Time Radio Links

Antique Radios Online

Brando Classic Old Time Radio
The Crystal Set Society
Hallicrafters Collectors Association
KNX 1070 Drama Hour
Marconi Calling
Museum of Commercial Radio--UK
Nostalgia Air
Old Time Radio
Original Old-Time Radio
Paul's Radio Museum--UK
Radio Detective Antique Radio Services
Radio Lovers
Radio Tales
Randy's Old Time Radio Shows
Red Star
Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
Lin Robertson's Old-Time Radio Page
Wayback Radio
When Radio Was
Wireless Database

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